‘A poem in the head (what’s it worth?)’

ncrcllogoWe are pleased to invite you to this year’s second NCRCL Research Talk:

A poem in the head (what’s it worth?)’
Debbie Pullinger, Homerton College, Cambridge

Now that we can summon a thousand poems to our screen in seconds, what’s the point of having a poem in your head? And where does a poem really live, anyway? On the page, in the ear, in performance, or in memory? In considering these questions, I shall share some of the conceptual foundations of the Poetry and Memory project and some of the emerging insights from the literature in related fields. Focusing on the ways in which memorisation and recitation of poetry have been valued in different ways at different times, we will think about some possible ways of theorising the relationship between them.

Wednesday 22nd October 2014
1.00 – 2.00pm
Fincham 001

Fincham Building (Digby Stuart Campus)

Entrance Free – All Welcome!


About Erica Gillingham

Academic, Writer, Craft. LGBT Children's Literature. London, UK, via California · www.ericagillingham.com

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