Mary Galbraith: The Narrative Art of Raymond Briggs

The National Centre for Research in Children’s Literature 

You are invited to a research seminar

Wednesday 14th October 2015
1.00 -2.00pm

Fincham 001

The Narrative Art of Raymond Briggs

Mary Galbraith, San Diego State University

Raymond Briggs is a picture-book auteur and a pioneer of the graphic memoir.  His best-known works are The Snowman, Fungus the Bogeyman, When the Wind Blows, Father Christmas, and Ethel and Ernest. My current project focuses on Briggs’s representation of himself and his parents in cartoon strip format and his handling of two narrative universes—fantasy fiction and memoir.  Since my approach is eccentric in a number of ways, the final version of this project will lay out my understanding of biographical interpretation, fictional epistemology, and the definition of narrative art.  

Mary Galbraith is on sabbatical from San Diego State University, where she teaches many courses in children’s literature. Her primary focus is on classic children’s novels and picture books.  She is currently a visiting scholar at Roehampton University.  Her articles on picture books include “Meditation on The Polar Express,” “Agony in the Kindergarten: Indelible German Images in American Picture Books,” and “Madeline as a Secret Space of Ludwig Bemelmans’ Childhood.”



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