Volunteering Opportunity with Prison Reading Groups (PRG)

PRG is a project hosted by the University of Roehampton to set up and fund reading groups in prisons.  We currently support over 45 groups in more than 35 prisons nationwide. PRG are now recruiting volunteers to support prison Family Days.


Prison Family Days allow prisoners to spend a whole day with their partners and children. With our partners Give a Book, PRG provides a book bag with a specially chosen book and accessories for each visiting child. In 2015 volunteers from the NCRCL created a database of age-appropriate books and in some cases also volunteered to help out at a prison on the day. Have a look at the 2016 Report or go to the Prison Reading Group website.

The project was a great success and is now an ongoing part of our work. We are currently recruiting volunteers who would be willing to go to one of the prisons involved to encourage the parents to read with their children and generally to help out with activities.

The prisons are widespread but each could be managed as a day trip and PRG would pay all travel expenses. They are as follows:

Prison                        Location                                Family Day date

Albany                       Isle of Wight                           10th April

Lewes                         East Sussex                             19th April

Wymott                      Preston, Lancashire              29th May

Dovegate                    Staffordshire                          31st May

Brixton                       South London                         15th June (tbc)

Huntercombe            Henley, Oxfordshire              2nd August

Thameside                  South East London                2nd August

We are also planning to support an additional 11 prisons in the second half of the year, with dates still to be circulated once they have been confirmed.

If you are interested, please contact prg@roehampton.ac.uk as soon as possible to discuss it in more detail!


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