NCRCL PhD Day 2018

Emily Corbett, PhD student with the NCRCL, reports on the 2018 PhD Day, which she organised this year.

On Thursday 17th May 2018, the NCRCL hosted its annual PhD Day at the University of Roehampton. The day was rich with stimulating doctoral research and great baking (as expected per our high NCRCL Bake-Off competition standard)!

The following papers were given by the NCRCL’s PhD candidates, enjoyed by a room full of eminent scholars, PhD peers, MA students and friends of the department:

‘Reflecting the visual world of the Victorians in a neo-Victorian young adult novel’ by Harriet Salisbury.


‘Claiming Space Through Resistance: Young Adult Suicide Bomber Protagonists, Spatiality and the Land of Israel/Palestine’ by Rebecca Sutton.


‘“A space where I could be me”: The Queer Space of Reading’ by Sarah Pyke.


‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Growing, Cutting and Depilating Hair in YA Trans Life Writing’ by Emily Corbett.


‘“You cannot look your best if you slouch, spraddle and sprawl”: Femininity, Fashion and Body in 1950s Career Novels for Girls’ by Kay Waddilove.


‘Release from Containment: Disorientating Spatial Practices’ by Anne Malewski.


‘Writing in the stables’ by Manuela Salvi.


This year’s NCRCL Bake-Off theme was inspired by ‘Schools of Literary Theory’. The prize winning entries, judged by Professor Nicki Humble, represented Trans Studies, ‘Eater-Response’ Theory and Hermeneutics, giving a tasty selection of bakes to be enjoyed by all who attended.

The day was testament to the quality of doctoral work here within the NCRCL at the University of Roehampton. It was a wonderful opportunity to feel part of this exciting, current and innovative research community, and to share in the successes of another year of progress.

Emily Corbett is in the first year of her PhD, and is a recipient of the Jacqueline Wilson Scholarship. Her research interests centre on gender-variant identities in YA literature.

Photographs taken by Emily Corbett, except the one of herself, taken by Emily Mercer, and those of bake-off entries, taken by Alison Waller.


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