Countdown to NCRCL/IBBY UK 2018 – 9 Days to Go!

25th Annual NCRCL MA/IBBY UK Conference

Crafts and Hobbies in Children’s Books’

Saturday 10th November 2018, 9:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Tickets are available here.

This short blog series will span the next nine days, counting down to the 25th Annual Conference. It will be showcasing some of the papers anticipated for this year’s NCRCL/IBBY UK conference. You can expect lots of exciting content from well-known illustrators and craft practitioners, academics, and key figures in the children’s literature world!

To celebrate that the number of days before the conference is now in single figures, this post will share nine reasons you really shouldn’t miss it!

  1. You will have the chance to meet and talk to some leading scholars, as well as get to know some of the up-and-coming academics of children’s literature.
  2. You will be in the company of well-known illustrators and craft practitioners.
  3. You get to see a live demo of some truly outstanding paper cutting. With (a great deal of) practise, your bookcase could soon be a work of art…
  4. You will spend the day immersed in the world of children’s literature. What could be better?
  5. You’ll also get to take a whole day to think about crafts, toys, hobbies and lots more fun things.
  6. You can tailor the conference to your own interests through the parallel sessions!
  7. These stimulating papers could inspire your own thinking and promote exciting research.
  8. As the 25th annual conference of its kind, it’s bound to be great! Why else would it have been running for a quarter of a century?
  9. Both IBBY and the NCRCL are highly regarded institutions within the field of children’s literature research. Really, it would be a shame to miss out…

About Emily Corbett

I'm working on my PhD in YA literature with the National Centre of Research in Children's Literature @ Roehampton University. I'm the administrator for the Trans Studies Network UK. I'm co-editing RoundTable academic journal 2019. I'm the editor for the NCRCL's blog. I'm also organising a couple of conferences, teaching a few students and generally keeping my to-do-list longer than my thesis!

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