Countdown to NCRCL/IBBY UK 2018 – 5 Days to Go!

25th Annual NCRCL MA/IBBY UK Conference

Crafts and Hobbies in Children’s Books’

Saturday 10th November 2018, 9:30 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Tickets are available here.

Bookings close Tuesday 6th November.

This short blog series will span the next five days, counting down to the 25th Annual Conference. It will be showcasing some of the papers anticipated for this year’s NCRCL/IBBY UK conference. You can expect lots of exciting content from well-known illustrators and craft practitioners, academics, and key figures in the children’s literature world!

We are delighted to dedicate this blog post to Nicholas Tucker who will be joining us to give another of the plenary papers. His paper is titled:

Messing About in Boats; Mostly Maritime Hobbies Suggested by the Boys Own Paper 1930-1939

About the speaker:

Nicholas Tucker has written and broadcast on the subject of children’s literature for the last fifty years. He has written numbers of books on this subject, with  Darkness Visible: Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials,  published by Icon Books, coming out in a new edition last year.

About the paper:

Suggestions for hobbies were a permanent feature of boys comics and magazines in the 1930s, and never more so than in the Boys Own Paper. But how responsible were some of

these items, let along realistic?  Could it be that they were there principally to encourage the few even if this meant ignoring or even belittling the many others,  happier reading about hobbies than taking part in anything to do with them? In 1940 Battle of Britain pilots, some as young as 18, took to the air with every appearance of confidence after very short periods of training.   Did their courage reflect a general ‘can do’ attitude towards youth at the time reflected in hobby suggestions in their favourite reading no longer found today? I shall be looking in particular at hobbies involving contact with the sea, where some of the same questions arise. Not waving but drowning?


About Emily Corbett

I'm working on my PhD in YA literature with the National Centre of Research in Children's Literature @ Roehampton University. I'm the administrator for the Trans Studies Network UK. I'm co-editing RoundTable academic journal 2019. I'm the editor for the NCRCL's blog. I'm also organising a couple of conferences, teaching a few students and generally keeping my to-do-list longer than my thesis!

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