When Anthony Horowitz visited Roehampton…

Anthony Horowitz is an eminent author, known for a vast catalogue of works including The Diamond Brothers series, the Alex Rider series and The Power of Five Series. Notably, he also continues to write the James Bond novels, as chosen by the Ian Fleming estate. 


Anthony Horowitz signing his book.


Erin Weirrick gives her account of interviewing Anthony Horowitz:

Students and staff alike filed in as I waited at the front of the room with Emily Corbett, my co-interviewer, and author Anthony Horowitz. When I first volunteered to help interview Anthony I felt quite nervous. I had a list of questions to ask, and I was trying to make sure I would remember them all and say them well. I was representing the student population of the university, and being an international student, my home university. I wanted to represent myself and my communities well. Therefore, I was nervous. But even as the large lecture hall filled, I knew when I met Anthony that I had nothing to be nervous about. The energy buzzing in the room let me know that my fellow students were nervous and excited, too. They were seeing a figure that played a prominent role in the development of their imaginations and free-time right before them, with their own eyes. 
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