Parallel Sessions

The Parallel Sessions are as follows:



Rebecca R. Butler Like a bit… pale: how children respond to disability in stories

Susanne Abou Ghaida: Disability in Arabic children’s literature: Inclusion, Participation and Belonging

Chair: Lisa Sainsbury



Flora Kisby. To what extent do picture book representations of the family mirror the diverse reality of this social structure?

Mark McGlashan. Representation of non-traditional families in children’s literature.

Chair: Carol Thompson



Anne Harding. Looked-after children: finding a reading fit.

Sarah Stokes. Tied Up with String: An Adoptive Mother’s Search for an Authentic Voice in Adoption Picture Books for Children.

Chair: Ann Lazim



Alexandra Scherer: “The Burqa is good for you. It’s good for you to do in your religion”: children’s meaning making of race, faith and belonging in multicultural picturebooks.

Pat Pinsent: Nothing to do with real life? ‘Belonging’ in a fantasy world

Chair: TBC



Michele Gill: ‘Out, but not so proud?’ The representation of gay boyhoods in contemporary British YA fictions

Jennifer Smith: The Ultimate Outsider. The Misfit Persona of Protagonists in Popular Young Adult Fiction

Chair: Alison Waller





Marian Devons: Do modern Gypsy children find a place where they ‘belong’ in children’s literature?

Anne Malewski: Tove Jansson. Age & belonging

CHAIR: Jane Carroll



Anthony Robinson: Belonging: how can we reconcile the human need to belong with the responsibility of including others? Can books affect children’s perceptions of the ‘other’?

Karen Argent: Families of prisoners in children’s literature

Chair: Beth Cox



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