Workshops for IBBY/NCRCL Conference 2013

As well as plenary sessions, there will be a number of workshops to choose from.  Each workshop addresses a different aspect of ‘Feast or Famine’ and there’s plenty to get your teeth into.


Workshop A

Aoife Byrne “Pearls and pomegranates cannot buy it”: Food and the treachery of the capitalist marketplace in Oscar Wilde’s fairy stories

Kay Waddilove Women, Work and Chocolate: Food, Power and ‘Sites of Struggle’ in the post-war novels of Noel Streatfeild


Workshop B

Sinead Moriarty Dog-meat for dinner: Food in Heroic Era Antarctic narratives for children

Simone Herrmann The Island that Provides – Food Supply and Sustenance in Robinsonades for Children and Young Adults


Workshop C

Devjani Ray Identity and Culture of Taste in Colonial Bengal: Cannibalism and the ‘Other’ Mother in Thakumar Jhuli (Grandmother’s Bag of Tales)

Karen Williams “Babies on toast”: ‘Edible’ Children in Early Nineteenth-century Children’s Literature


Workshop D

Sarah Hardstaff Poachers and Scavengers: re-conceptualising food in children’s literature

Helen Day Surveillance and invisibility: Dining places and spaces in the Harry Potter series


Workshop E

Zahra Amlani From Whiz Cinnamon Rolls to a Sloppy Joe: fifty years in children’s cookery books

Gili Bar-Hillel The Mad Hatter’s Coffee* Party: Bridging the Gastronomical Divide in the Translation of Children’s Literature


Workshop F

Franziska Burstyn The Myth of the Magic Porridge Pot Never-ending Edibles in Children’s Literature

Pat Pinsent A Varied Menu: Children’s Poetry about Food


Workshop G

Vasiliki Labitsi ‘Precious apple-sinful apple’: Visual and symbolic representations of apples in picture books and western art

Rebecca Long “Your nose knows where you belong”: Food and Love; Surviving and Thriving in The Deepwoods.


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