Crossover Robinsonades: NCRCL Research Talk with Ian Kinane

NCRCL/English and Creative Writing Research Talk

‘Fairchild’s Noble Savage and the Social Contract in Several Classic Crossover Robinsonades’

 Dr. Ian Kinane, University of Roehampton

In this paper, I argue that the island trope in several Robinsonade narratives functions, in part, as a means of interrogating the relationship between individualism (the single, solitary Crusoe-figure who exists in isolation) and socialisation. I will examine the conflict between the individual castaway’s desires to subsist in isolation and the inevitable pull exerted by her/his obligation to the society or social model from whence she/he came. Using Fairchild’s concept of the noble savage (a watchful, reflective entity), I will explore the ways in which the child configures her/his relationship to others on the island, and the ways in which she/he carves out a metaphoric “I-land” for her/himself.


Detail from Neil Gower’s 2011 cover for William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Image via Gower.

Wednesday 30th November 2016, 1 pm

Duchesne 001, Digby Stuart, University of Roehampton



Professor David Rudd on ‘The Imaginary World of Children’s Literature – and its Discontents’

The Department of English & Creative Writing

Professor David Rudd, NCRCL
The Imaginary World of Children’s Literature – and its Discontents

Child Reading

This paper seeks to tackle the cultural and historical roots of the problems involved in conceptualising children’s literature, which are forever enmeshed in definitions of what constitutes ‘the child’. It then examines more recent shifts in the field, which seek to open up spaces of childhood, although these too are handicapped by countervailing, institutional forces.
Wednesday 21st January 2015
1.00-2.00pm, Fincham 001
University of Roehampton