The 2nd Biennial NCRCL Conference: ‘Children’s Literature and the Inner World’

The 2nd Biennial NCRCL Conference

‘Children’s Literature and the Inner World’

Saturday 12 May 2012
University of Roehampton

If, according to David Lodge, literature is a record of human consciousness, then children’s literature can potentially offer fascinating perspectives on the interior lives of children and young people. This conference will explore relationships between imaginative writing and the workings of the mind. It is a chance to examine how authors and readers approach the troubling question of how we can know what goes on within other people’s heads, especially when those other people are children.

Confirmed plenary session speakers are: Philip Gross (University of Glamorgan); Farah Mendlesohn (Middlesex University); David Rudd (University of Bolton); and Alison Waller (University of Roehampton)

We invite proposals for workshop papers on literature for children or young adults and the following themes:

    • imagination
    • the emotions
    • consciousness and the unconscious
    • perception
    • memory
    • the mind and body
    • the reading process

300 word abstracts for proposed papers, along with a short biography, should be sent to Alison Waller ( by Wednesday 1 February 2012.

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